Google AdWords: the 25 most expensive keywords in the USA

Founded nearly 17 years ago, Google’s advertising agency, Google AdWords, helps businesses attract new customers by reaching the right audience at the right time. Effective and useful, Google AdWords can sometimes be relatively expensive. It really depends on the keywords you choose. Some are very competitive and require astronomical budgets. In this article, let’s look at the 25 most expensive keywords for 2017.

google adwords

Let’s start at the end for more suspense… Ironically, the 25th most expensive keyword this year is none other than “Google AdWords” . Average cost per click is $30.06. “Hair transplant” or “hair transplant”, with an average cost of $31.27 per click, comes in 24th place. Then we find in 23, 22 and 21st position “banking” or “bank”. ($31.43), “online gambling” or “online games”… ($32.84) and “mortgages or “hypothecs”. (36,76$).

Controlling insects and other pests is relatively expensive on Google AdWords as “pest control”, translate “insect control” and “termites” appear in 20th and 19th position.

Being visible on “plumber will cost you approximately $39.19 compared to $40.73 for the keyword “loans. If you want to start an Adword campaign for loan officers, contact Instaon.

Next comes “medical needs” or “besoins médicaux“… ($40.73), “business software.” ($31.12) and HVAC software. (41.24$).

In 13th, 12th and 11th position, “timeshare, “psychic” and “rehab“, which cost on average $42.13, $43.78 and $46.14.

Let’s get into the top 10! “Medical coding services closes the latter with $46.84. “Degree or “diploma”, ninth, has an average CPC of $47.26 compared to $47.61 for “cleanup & restoration services“, eighth.

In 7th position, “cash services & payday loans”. ($48.18), preceded by “insurance”. (48,18$).

In fifth place in this top is “asset management” which will cost you no less than $49.86. With the fourth most expensive keyword, we break the $50 mark: “lawyer” or “avocat”. (54,86$).

Bronze medal goes to “casino“… ($55.48), that of money in “lease bonds” or “surety”. (58,48$). The most expensive keyword: “business services” with an average cost per click of $58.64!

If these sums may seem astronomical, the average cost per click for all sectors combined is about